Peaches (Sept. 4th Distribution)

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Free Stone Peaches grown by Hillside Orchard in McClure.  A free stone peach.  Available Tuesday Sept 4th.

They are not certified Organic, but were grown using "minimal spray". 

All fruit is grown using sustainable methods, with the goal of eventually using all organic practices. Soil fertility is maintained with natural materials and manure. No herbicides are used for weed and grass control. That's all done by horse­drawn ground­ driven mowers and hand­swung weed whackers. No “restricted use”pesticides, which require an applicator license are used; though on occasion, “softer” chemical pesticides are applied. Dormant oil sprays, beneficial insects, neem oil and sea weed (kelp) are used for their plant health benefits and the suppression of insect pests. Harvests are made when fruit is fully ripe to provide our customers with the best flavor!

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