Order CSA "extras"

This store exists as a way to preorder items for delivery to your CSA pick up location. 

Carrots (lb)
2nds Carrots (4 lbs) ($5.00)
Carrots (2 lbs) ($4.00)
Sweet Potatoes (lb)
2nds Sweet Potatoes (4 lbs) ($5.00)
Sweet Potatoes (2 lbs) ($4.00)
Fisher Bee Farm Quart ($15.00)
Fisher Bee Farm Pint ($8.00)
Hope's Homemade Soap
Herbal Wheat Germ ($4.00)
Oatmeal and Honey ($4.00)
Olive Oil
Olive Oil (3 Liter) ($48.00)
Onions (lb)
Yellow Onions ($2.00)
Red Onions ($2.00)
Potatoes (lb)
Red Potatoes ($1.75)
White Potatoes ($1.75)
Gold Potatoes ($1.75)
Raw Pecans (1 lb)
Pecan Halves ($12.00)
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