The Farm Team

Debra Brubaker

Village Acre Farm has been my home since I was 8 months old when my family returned to the United States after my birth in Nairobi, Kenya. I'm the youngest child of Roy and Hope Brubaker and spent many summers of my childhood picking strawberries, weeding beans, tossing watermelons, and splashing in the creek.  I worked on the farm during summers of my high school and college years and then moved to New Mexico where I managed a non-profit urban farm for 7 years.  The summer of 2011 marked my return to Village Acres. In 2012, I began to co-manage the farm with my dad and, as of 2015, I live on the farm with my own family and manage the farm with my partner, Hannah. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to make my career doing what I love on the land that I love.

Hannah Smith-Brubaker

Debra's partner, Hannah, is an integral part of the farm. She provides considerable effort in CSA coordination and marketing, tending to livestock, serving as the communications person and has a deep passion for making our food be available to anyone who wants and needs it through our Community Fund and other community outreach strategies. Hannah also works for the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture

Jackie Swihart
Jackie grew up in central-Ohio, where she spent time on her Grandparent's farm working and playing in the greenhouse and barns, as well as picking loads of strawberries and blueberries.   Following college, she moved to Seattle, where she spent many years working in academic healthcare.  She caught the farming bug again when she did a summer work-share at a biodynamic farm in Carnation, WA.  She moved back east last year, and completed an apprenticeship at Buckhill Farm in LItitz, PA.  Her ultimate goal is to start a full-diet CSA program.
Jackie is excited to apply the skills she has acquired and to continue her learning experience at Village Acres.
Roy & Hope Brubaker

Roy and Hope Brubaker, with help from their four children and their families, farm apprentices, and local workers, cared for and developed the farm into a widely diversified farm over 35 years. In 2015, the farm transitioned from Roy and Hope to daughter, Debra, her partner, Hannah, and their two children, Chandler and Owen. In 2017 Roy was killed in a tractor accident on the farm and not a day passes that we are not grateful for his life.