Community Fund - Financial Help with Shares

Our Community Fund exists to make sure that good, local, organic produce is available to everyone, regardless of economic means. This fund provides reduced cost shares for those on limited budgets who want to be a part of the CSA. 

Please note that the Community Fund is only applicable to produce shares.

Our CSA shareholders are generous and many contribute to our Community Fund in an effort to provide equitable distribution of our harvest. Donations made by our shareholders are matched by the farm, including proceeds from our monthly farm breakfasts. From time-to-time, we also hold fundraising events to ensure the Fund stays strong.

If you are interested in receiving financial assistance from the Community Fund, please sign up online as usual, and then contact the farm at with "Community Fund Request" in the subject line, or call us at (717) 436-9477.

In an attempt to ensure we are able to honor as many requests as possible, we ask that you attempt to pay for at least half a share, either through a one time payment or a payment plan. We are very willing to work with each person to arrive at a plan that will work, so please do let us know if you if you have ideas about making a plan that is workable within your budget.

Please consider the following and let us know your plan:

1.      Why are you requesting support through the Community Fund? This need not be extensive, just help us understand your situation a bit.

2.      What is your plan for payment?

  • What plan are you looking to participate in (produce, eggs, chicken; which season; which size) 
  • How much are you able to pay towards the share?  How much are you asking the community to pay towards the share? Please check our website for current prices. 
  • What is your timeline for payment? Are you able to pay that amount by June 15 (our typical due date) or do you need more time?  If you need more time, please tell us your proposed payment schedule. Some people don’t actually need any money from the fund – they just want to be able to pay in six monthly payments.  That’s great – don’t hesitate to suggest payment plans. 
  • The next two questions are optional but help us to get a better picture of our shareholders who need assistance from the Community Fund and help with staying up-to-date with community needs:

o How many people are in your household? 

o What is the combined monthly income of all members?

Please note that all information is held in the strictest confidence and is only used for making the community fund decision.