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SPECIAL NOTICE: Turkey Deposits and Fall/Winter/Spring Sign up now open

Posted 10/10/2016 7:25pm by Hannah Smith-Brubaker.

Hello Friends of Village Acres Farm

The seasons are turning and time has come to spread the word regarding turkeys and our CSA offerings for Late Fall/Winter/Spring. If you have questions please don't hesitate to contact us

Know the routine and want to go directly to our website and reserve your choices of our Fall/Winter offerings?  Visit our one-stop-signup-shop

Thanksgiving Turkey deposits are now being accepted: 

We raise primarily Broad Breasted Whites and Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys.  Our turkeys are raised on our farm from day old chicks.  From the time they are feathered, they are raised on pasture with ample space for grazing, roaming, and foraging for insects. They are supplemented with non-GMO grain.  Preordered Turkeys will be available fresh the week of Thanksgiving. Weights are variable (15-24 lbs). We try our best to match your request as closely as possible, but as with all things in nature...there will be variability. Reserve your turkey at the same time as signing up for our winter CSA (follow links below) or you can Order now!

Thanksgiving week and December 2017 Share options: Sign up now open!

We know that the holidays are both a time of great feasting and frequent travel, so in an effort to accommodate CSA members' holiday plans and schedules we thought we would let folks sign up for shares on only the weeks that fit best with your schedule. We will deliver the week of Thanksgiving and then every other week until Christmas.  

Please also note that if you are a current Summer/Fall CSA member you may have already selected and paid to receive a share the week of Thanksgiving. So, if you don't remember if you have, please check with us before signing up again for Thanksgiving week!

2017 Winter/Spring Season: Every other week from the end of January (Early Feb for Friday Pickups) through the end of April: SIGN UP NOW OPEN!

Start Date: January 31st (Tuesday pickups: Village Acres Farm, State College); Febuary 3rd (Friday pickups: Harrisburg)
End Date: April 25th (Tuesday pickups: Village Acres Farm, State College); April 28th (Friday pickup: Harrisburg)

Produce Shares: 

The full produce share includes both a "greens share" and a selection of storage crops with each delivery. This is a great option for folks who can make use of a wide variety of produce and who may otherwise find it difficult to remember to preorder produce every week. 

The greens only share will include a variety of leafy greens grown in our high tunnels during the winter months.  These greens will include salad mixes, kale, chard, spinach, and other asian greens.  Get your dose of freshness with this share option. 

Egg Shares:

Our Egg Share come from our own Pasture Raised hens. These hens are on pasture year round (with access to shelter as desired). Their diet consists of non-GMO feed, clover, grass, grubs and insects, and select discarded produce throughout the season. Choose to receive 1 or more dozen with each delivery.

à la carte options:

Are you interested in getting winter storage crops but would like to pick and choose what you want with each delivery?  If so, you can select to buy our root and storage crops a la carte this season.  With this option you will need to preorder items through our website in advance of each delivery.  You can choose to pay at the time of pickup, or if you would like to purchase a credit to deduct from over the winter months, you may do so through the sign up process. Please note that we do not promise to have greens as an option for a la carte purchasing in the coldest months of winter. 

Sign up for Fall/Winter/Spring Season!

Thank you. We are honored that you have chosen us to be your farmers!