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Hope for us all!

Posted 2/5/2013 9:22am by Debra Brubaker .

Farm Notes…

I’m not sure about you, but I have been religiously checking the 10-day weather forecast looking for the picture of a sun and the numbers 32 and higher for what feels like a very long time. The extended cold and gray has taken a toll on our greens the past couple of weeks - some beds have needed to be renovated and reseeded, but without the sunshine, our next succession is not rebounding as quickly as we would hope. We are crossing our fingers for a couple of sunny weeks to help us kick back into high gear.

In addition to renovating greenhouse beds, we have been working on an infrastructure project- running an underground waterline and electricity to our newest greenhouse. After a fall of stringing out 400 feet of water hoses every time we needed to water, having a water line inside this greenhouse will feel like a real luxury.

While the cold weather is lingering, we are able to observe that at least the chickens are responding to the subtle churn of the seasons. There are a few more eggs every day, and this week the Khaki Campbell ducks we bought off of Craigslist started to lay eggs. We are excited to use our new incubator to hatch out some ducklings to add to our poultry menagerie.

There’s all this and, yet, the biggest news of all doesn’t have to do with plants or animals! After 20 years of working off-farm (in addition to raising a family and doing farm work), my mom (Hope Brubaker) is finally retiring from her nursing job! In about 5 weeks, we can start assigning all sorts of things to her to-do list! No, seriously, we are so proud of everything she has done to make our life here possible and couldn’t be more excited to witness another 30 years of well-deserved retirement. We have not committed her to a flower share this summer, but those of you who were really looking forward to flowers should talk to us as we may offer them on a limited basis.

We have also opened our signups for our Summer CSA. We hope many of you will consider joining us for the coming season. Visit our website, the extra’s table (staffed distributions), or email CSA@villageacresfarm.com to get more information and sign up!

Eager for sun,

Upcoming Events at the FoodShed:
Live Music,Saturday March 2nd: Chicken Tractor!
Cafe opens at 6 PM, Music at 7:00PM

Perhaps you’ve hear this band at the Elk Creek, or at the Art’s Festival before. If so you will know why we are excited to have them perform in our space in a few weeks. We welcome you all to come on out and enjoy their great energy and musical talent! Chicken Tractor is an old time Country and Americana band based in the Penns Valley area. For more information about the band visit their website.

Special thanks to the Juniata County Cultural Arts Committee for making this event possible!

In the Box this week…
Napa Cabbage
Daikon Radish
Mesclun mix
Sweet Potatoes
Beet/Chard Greens

*from neighbor farmer- no spray/ but non-certified