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Village Acres Farm

Village Acres Farm has a mission of connecting people to their food, the earth and each other. We are committed to growing food and building relationships that are sustaining, restorative, and transformative for our customers, employees, and selves.

Celebrating over 30 years of farming, 20 years of Organic certification and 15 years of serving the community through a CSA model, Village Acres operates as a diversified system, integrating vegetables, berries and pastured livestock.

Village Acres offers on-farm pick-up of produce, eggs, and chicken for CSA members, as well as distribution to State College, Lewistown, Selinsgrove, and Harrisburg. We also serve breakfast the first Saturday of every month (April-November) and live music several evenings a year in our FoodShed.

Located just off Route 322 near Mifflintown - about 45 minutes from State College and Harrisburg - the 30 acre farm is centered in the village of Cuba Mills, nestled along the banks of the Lost Creek close to its confluence with the Juniata River.

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Today is Distribution Day- Week 12 of 28!

Posted by Debra Brubaker :: Tuesday, July 28 :: 12:13pm

IN THE SHARE THIS WEEK (quantities in photo are reflective of a full share): Colored Bell Peppers, Yummy Snack Peppers, Jimmy Nardello Sweet pepper, Swiss Chard,Sungold Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Fresh White Onions, Red Beets, Tomatoes, and Red Watermelon, Basil, Parsley, Cilantro, Dill and Poblano (medium hot) Peppers. 

Pick up times and locations are listed below.  Please remember to return share liners and egg cartons! Also we happily reuse quart and pint mason jars. 
Extras for sale at Pickup today: Plums and canning tomatoes, as well as the usuals (chicken, eggs, honey, and olive oil).  


I'm sure that by now most of you have noticed that I'm making an effort to take a photograph of every week's share (see photo above) over the course of the season.  It has been a good project, grabbing a random box that has just been packed and laying it out on our table to display the literal fruits of our labor each week. The colors are shining bright the past weeks and will continue with that trend as pepper season arrived this week.  If you'd like to see photos of full shares from the first 12 week of the season check it out here.

While most of our crops are doing well, we did have a disappointing harvest of our short season onions this week. The access rain in June and early July caused them to begin rotting before we even started to harvest them. We saved out the best of these onions and included them in your shares this week, but admittedly they may require peeling off a layer to remove spots.  We wish they were better quality, but really didn't want to compost the whole crop.  We are starting to pull out our longer season onions as well, and hopefully these will fair better. 

We continue to have a bumper crop off our first planting of tomatoes this year.  We have included a good number in your share, but have many more that are ripe and need to find eaters.  We will have additional tomatoes available to select from at distribution today (perhaps you have a tomato deprived neighbor??)

 Recipe Ideas: 

As the peppers start hitting your share boxes, I would encourage you all to start experimenting with stuffed pepper recipes.  In my household, stuffed peppers are a favorite.  As I love poblano peppers, I often stuff them, but can easily accomodate the taste buds of my more spice adverse family members by using the same ingredients to stuff a bell pepper or snack pepper. Below are several recipes for stuffed peppers of different types. 

Poblanos Stuffed with Cheddar and Chicken http://www.finecooking.com/recipes/poblanos-stuffed-cheddar-chicken.aspx

Stuffed Red-Bell Peppers: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/stuffed-red-bell-peppers-106226

Pick up times and Locations: 

On-Farm: 229 Cuba Mills Rd., Mifflintown, PA 17059 3-8PM

State College: Friends Meeting House, 611 E. Prospect Ave., State College, PA,  4-6:30 PM

Lewistown: Community Partnerships RC&D Office, 23 North Main St., Lewistown, PA 17044, 3-7PM

Late Pickup info

Have questions? Call 717-348-4916 (Deb's Cell) or email csa@villageacresfarm.com


Week 11 of 28!

Posted by Debra Brubaker :: Tuesday, July 21 :: 12:27pm

IN THE SHARE THIS WEEK (quantities in photo are reflective of a full share): Sungold Cherry Tomatoes, Blueberries*, Purple Viking Potatoes, Green Beans, Cucumbers, Squash, Heirloom Tomatoes, Salanova Lettuce, Head Lettuce, Basil, Parsey, Cilantro, and Hot Peppers. 

*Blueberrries are from D&S Produce (Adams County).  They are not certified organic, but the fruit has not been sprayed.  

The potatoes are a little gnarly looking due to the dry weather in May and some issues with proper irrigation.  Our next potatoes should look nicer.  


Our fields are exploding with tomatoes.  Two weeks ago we picked a total of 5 flats of sungold cherry tomatoes over the course of the week; this week we will will likely easily top 100 flats. July brings with it impossible to complete task lists and times of high stress as we all work our minds and bodies to the max to harvest crops.  These are the days we dream about in mid February, which oddly, when they arrive make us idealize the cold and dark of winter.  I'm sure all of you are also busy with the height of summer schedules as well.  Let us all try to keep peace of mind and enjoy the best the season offers even as we feel a bit crazed.  Happy eating all of you! ~Deb

 Recipe Ideas: 

Need some ideas for using Heirloom tomatoes?  Here are some of my favorites


Tomato Tart

Week 10 of 28!

Posted by Debra Brubaker :: Tuesday, July 14 :: 12:20pm

IN THE SHARE THIS WEEK (quantities in photo are reflective of a full share): Parsley, Dill, Basil, Carrots, Heirloom Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Yellow and Green Zucchini, Orient Express Eggplant, Lettuce Heads, Blueberries* , Sungolds, Hot Wax Peppers.

*Blueberrries are from D&S Produce (Adams County).  They are not certified organic, but the fruit has not been sprayed.  

Pick up times and locations are listed below.  Please remember to return share liners and egg cartons! Also we happily reuse quart and pint mason jars. 


This is my favorite box of the year! Not because it's inherently better, but because with the blueberries, the rainbow is completed in produce form! Bright colors and smooth shapes make for a visual feast before the real one, I think. Have some fun in your presentations this week, maybe a salad individually arranged on top of a lettuce leaf like artwork on each plate by any children or artists you may have in your household.

Heirloom tomatoes certainly contribute to the mix of colors, so I thought I'd introduce two new varieties we've got this year. At left is the Striped German, or the Bob Marley, as I like to call it. Besides the tie-dye it's got going on, the flavor and texture is superb. At right is one called Aunt Ruby's Green German, and you should know that it won't turn red but ripens to a faint yellow-green. Touch it to determine ripeness as you get acquainted with another delicious heirloom tomato. Happy eating the rainbow this week! ~Allison

 Recipe Ideas: 

I've been eating fresh tomatoes with salt and pepper for years, but this year, I've got an addition: ricotta cheese. I highly recommend thick slices of tomato each garnished with a grind of sea salt and black pepper and a dollop of ricotta cheese alongside toast for a quick lunch. 




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